Photography Resources

Joe's data tables, for macro, panoramic, and infrared photographers

Lens table - front and rear nodal points, entry and exit pupils for several (mostly Nikon) lenses
Gadget table - the thicknesses of all the adapters, extensions, and spacers I use to make things work
Mount table - lens axis locations and tripod mounting hole locations for several (mostly Nikon) cameras
IR sensitivity table - comapring several popular films, the Canon S100 (IXUS), Nikon D100, and Nikon CP990
DSLR table - comparing just about all current and pending DSLRs

All tables availaible in HTML and plain old CSV compatible with databases, MatLab, Octave, or Excel
New! All the CSV links have been fixed

Updated! Digital lens FAQ 0.4 - DX, DG, Di, Digitar lenses, and the "four thirds" system
Panorama links - Useful links for panorama shooters and stitchers
Updated! Digital iFAQ 0.2 - inFrequently Asked Questions, like "why is there no digital Leica M", or "do CCDs really attract dust"

And, of course, some cool links

Joe's pBase gallery (again)
Midwest Photographic Workshops (totally cool place, I teach some classes there)
Adray's (the best camera stores in south east Michigan)
dpReview (why not)

Last updated: September 6, 2003